Hospitality Academy

“Close the Gap”

A Training Camp for Job Seekers on the Central Coast

To help job seekers to become valuable and sought after candidates on the job market ANconsult developed a training program with the help of the hospitality industry that guarantees a job at the end. Over five separate weeks the trainees are guided through an industry specified curriculum to be prepared for a job in hospitality and understand what will be expected from them on the workplace.

The program stretches over 4 stages. The first session (free) will determine at what stage you are and what help you need:

ONE: Self-awareness as a Job Seeker

What does a job mean to me?
How do I present myself and my skills (resume writing)

TWO: The Workplace and Me

What is work?
What am I worth as an employee?
Work expectations of employer vs employee
Workplace rights vs responsibilities

THREE: Introduction to Hospitality

How does a business work?
Why does the business need me?
Career building in the hospitality industry

FOUR: Enhance your Hospitality Skills

Operate a bar (bar attendant)
Serve Food and Beverages (waiter)
Prepare and Serve Espresso Coffee (barista)

Course Conditions

  • 4 stages to become a valuable job seeker for hospitality industry
  • Successful candidates have guaranteed casual job placement after 5 weeks
  • sign up to a week at a time (10 hrs, $60/week)
  • maximum 20 students per class
  • sponsorships (scholarships) available to selected candidates
  • first info session is free

Every stage closes with an assessment and only successful trainees can move up to the next stage. Candidates that pass all 4 stages will receive a guaranteed placement in the hospitality industry.

For an affordable $60/ week and easy sign up a week at a time, this program is designed to be accessible for everybody.

I am interested, please sign me up to the program** (privacy statement below):

** Privacy Statement:
This sign-up is purely for the purpose of contacting you to participate in our employment program. We will not use or sell your details for marketing purposes.



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