Financial Controlling links Operations with Finance

You started your business because you are good at what you are doing or you always had an aspiration to do it. Besides your operational management you hired a bookkeeper to deal with all the numbers stuff and your accountant makes sure you declare your tax. That’s every small business in a nutshell.

But why are you still struggling to make ends meet?

Financial Controlling deals with putting operational controls in place so you will be able to let go without “losing control “.

Usually everything hinges around you because as a small business owner you can’t let go of control. You built up the business by yourself and nobody is able to see the whole picture like you.

We agree with that and we understand that hiring expensive professionals that can help is out of the question. The solution is to implement a set of defined controls that we develop together with your business expertise.

These specific controls will be put in place between operations and finances and they will tell you in a timely manner if things are going to plan or will warn you before things go pear-shaped.

It is a very mighty tool set that will enable you to focus more on your core business without worrying about day-to-day issues.

This will free up more time for yourself and you will then be able to get back to enjoy what you are doing.




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