Cash is the fuel of your business


  • Do you know how much money you will need next month to keep you afloat?
  • Do you know how much money you need available for surviving a business drought?
  • Do you know if you take too much cash out of your business?


Cash flow in small business is very much equivalent to the movement in your bank account. As long as you have only one account you can read it- if you have more, it will be more tricky.

Cash Flow Analysis is an outlook into your future cash outflow so you don’t run dry when something important needs to be paid.

Businesses that live from one day to the other and don’t plan into the future are usually the ones that have to take out expensive cash flow loans when they get stuck and need money urgently. This will take away part of their cash flow needed moving forward and that propels them into a downwards spiral.

This is where our individual tailored Cash Flow templates can help. They will allow you in collaboration with your bookkeeper to work out if you have enough money in the bank at any point in time.



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