Company Overview

ANconsult Hospitality Solutions opened their office on the Central Coast in 2012.

With over 20 years experience in bookkeeping and hospitality management Anja Carruthers – the owner of ANconsult – is helping businesses local and statewide to get them back on their feet.

“Sometimes it is just a small push in the right direction and a struggling business makes profit again. Hospitality is a tough industry to be in because you are dealing with people and their subjective perceptions. The sales in a restaurant are not closed when customers order – a lot can go wrong during a customer’s visit and that can lead directly to a bad reputation and decreasing sales.”

Just recently a new was branch added that provides training to the unemployed youth on the Central Coast for helping them set foot into the hospitality industry.

“So many hospitality businesses are struggling to find adequate staff – we try to close the gap between the job seekers and job offerers in pre-selecting the right people for the industry with tough training camps.”

How can we help you?

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Bookkeeping & Management Milestones

  1. 1990 Take over books from family business at the age of 21 (Austria)
  2. 1995 Working for an accounting firm as a full charge bookkeeper (Austria)
  3. 1997 CFO and later CEO of Hotel Restaurant Liebnitzmuehle (Austria)
  4. 2000 CFO of Hotel Magazine “Hotel & Gastro” (Austria)
  5. 2003 Nightclub Manager Country Bar “Tenne Aigen” (Austria)
  6. 2005 Owner-Manager Café Restaurant “Café Wifi” (Austria)
  7. 2009 Restaurant Manager of “Jagerstubn”, Luddenham (Australia)
  8. 2010 General Manager for the launch of “The Austrian Schnitzelhaus” on the Central Coast NSW (Australia)
  9. 2012  Founding of ANconsult
Hospitality Worker



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